Vita (english)

Muriel Nauche-Groz teaches the organ at the regional conservatory at Chambéry, where she also coordonates the Ancient Music department, as well as at the Voiron conservatory. She also is a choirmaster and the titular organist at the Callinet/Cavaillé-Coll organ.

She graduated with five masters : two in music (organ an ancient music), two in scientific matters (engineering at Grenoble Institute of Technology, and a master degree in Art, Science and Technology); and one about pedagogy.

She was born in Bretagne and studied the organ in Grenoble, Lyon (CNSMD), Hamburg and Munich, mainly with Denis Bordage, Liesbeth Schlumberger, François Espinasse, Wolfgang Zerer and Bernhard Haas.

In 2016 and 2017 she gained international recognition at renowned organ competitions:

  • Second prize at the international organ competition Paul Hofhaimer in Innsbruck (A) (Musik alter Meister)
  • Third prize at the international competition Agati Tronci in Pistoia, in Italy (I)
  • Second prize and audience prize at the international organ competition Xavier Darasse in Toulouse (F)

Today, Muriel performs concerts and recitals all over Europe as a soloist or chamber music with singers and musicians (particularly in duet with violin, cello, flute, piano or mezzo-soprano)